Pavel Metelitsyn
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I am a full-stack software engineer

I develop custom software solutions

located in Berlin most of the time.

During last 10 years I have built complex software projects and gained experience in many areas of software development from UI/UX design to DevOps to project management. Currently my preferred combination of tools is Clojure + React + MongoDB + Docker.

Some projects I've been working on recently


2018 - 2019, ongoing I am co-founder of Domi (previously FairhousingBerlin) - a project aiming at researching possibilities of using blockchain technology to help maintain a sustainable rental market in big cities with exploding rent prices and to manage landlord/tenant relation in a transparent and secure way.
Blockchain API Cryptography Governance self sovereign identity

TransitoryWhite online magazine

2019, ongoing For the TransitoryWhite online magazine I have done all the programming, content model and infrastructure setup. The site is powered by a custom engine build with Flask and uses a headless CMS. It is an ongoing work aiming at creating a reusable and lightweight multi-channel online publishing palttform.
CMS Web Python Jinja Frontend

Blockchain-enabled online platform  

2018 As an interim CTO at German real estate start-up I launched the beta preview of the platform. My responsibility was to design and build the core backend functions, API's, the security concept and the admin frontend. Challenges: processing asynchronous responses from the Ethereum blockchain, queueing and scheduling blockchain transactions, dealing with sensitive user data, deterministic key derivation. In this project I also lead a small team of extern developers working on the front- and backend. Ethereum Solidity Clojure Java Docker MongoDB AWS PHP Cake

Visualization tools

2017-2018 For a big German research institution I made two complex custom data visualization apps intended for display at trade shows. Highlight feature: visual graph layout based on physical models. Electron Node.js D3.js Python

Interactive Multimedia Stations

2017 Three complex touch controlled applications for permanent display at a big German museum. The Electron-based apps are connected to an external CMS and feature animations, kinetic effects, and live search function. The tricky part: transitoins and animations in React. React Clojure Electron

Ethereum Smart Contracts

2017 I designed and implemented a system of Ethereum smart contracts around an ERC20 token for a German real estate startup. I also built the software for processing and tracking of transactions between different blockchains. Ethereum Bitcoin Solidity Clojure

Kiosk App and CMS

2017 Implemented an Android App with Kiosk functionality. The devices running the App are part of a multimedia installation in a permanent exhibition at the German National Library. I also built a single-purpose desktop CMS with preview function for editing and synchronizing the content of the App and managing devices. Tricky part: working Kiosk functionality, synchronizing. React-Native Clojure Electron ADB


Started programming at age 10. Graduated in pure mathematics and worked 5 years as a researcher focusing on scientfic high performance computing and computer algebra (I heavily used C++ back then) at the University of Mainz. Travelled the world and began to work independently as software developer with focus on data intensive and algorithmically challenging problems.

My scientific training enables me to think about problems in an abstract and language-agnostic way, try out new things and learn fast. Today I mostly use Clojure, Python, Elixir and Java but I enjoy experimenting with other languages like Kotlin, Rust, Go and Julia as well. Over years I gathered experience in many areas of software development like CI/CD, design patterns and project management.

Qt, React & React-Native, jQuery, D3.js, Jinja2, Bootstrap
Android SDK, Qt, .NET, STL, PHP Cake, Compojure, Node.js, Electron, Express.js
Special purpose
Docker, Redis, SQLight, MonogoDB, MPI, CUDA, Boost, OpenGL, openFrameworks, Processing, OpenCV, Kinect, Arduino, Tensorflow, NumPy, Pandas, SciKitLearn, R


Full-stack Web Development
Machine Learning
Functional Programming
Generative Art